What is MIFA?

MIFA: Moriya International Friendship Association

What is MIFA?

MIFA20th Anniversary

– Providing opportunities for foreigners and Japanese living in and around Moriya City
– Coordinating various activities to further cross-cultural mutual understanding


– Date of Inception: July 22, 1989
– Members: some 400 individuals and 10 companies
– Parent body: Moriya International Friendship
Center (Log House)

Organization Structure

Steering Committee

Members: Chairperson, Vice Chairperson and
representatives of committees
Management and coordination
of activities by committees

Committees: Plans to promote MIFA activities

– General Affairs Committee
– Sister City Committee
– Language Study Committee
– Information Committee
– Log House Committee
– Youth Committee
– Communication Committee
– Japanese Language Committee
– Laos Project Committee

General Affairs Committee

– Interaction with other societies

– Information-gathering and management of MIFA

– Special projects

Sister City Committee

Student Overseas

– Promoting friendship with Sister Cities
   Mainburg City, Germany since 1990
   City of Greeley, U.S.A. since 1993
– Communication with foreigners living in and around
Moriya City ( MIFA Salon )
– Organizing homestays for foreign visitors
  Promoting international friendship through homestays for:
  - JICA visiting scholars
  - Foreign students from Tsukuba University

Language Study Committee

Language related activities to promote international exchange and cooperation.
(subject to change)

Information Committee

– Editing MIFA Newsletter
– Uploading MIFA Website

Log House Committee

Czech Republic Ambassador

– “Knowing the World” series ( Lectures by ambassadors )
– MIFA Concerts
Knowing the world through world music concerts

Japanese Language Committee

Japanese Course for Foreigners (three ten-days courses annually since 1994)
– Helping foreigners who are living in and around Moriya learn daily conversation
– Some voluntary instructors will teach one or a few applicants each.
Also, instructors and students can talk about whatever topics they want to discuss.
We expect your positive participation to further improve your Japanese language skills. Please join and enjoy!

Day and Time:
Every Wednesday Face to face Course 19:30-21:00
Every Wednesday Online Course 19:15-20:30
Every Friday Face to face Course 19:30-21:00

Moriya International Training Center (Log House),
2-1 Midori, Moriya City
 MIFA Free for MIFA Members.

Non-MIFA Members, 1,000 Yen for 10 classes (1 course).
E-mail nihongo@mifa.info

Call Shimin Kyoudou Suishinka(Citizen Cooperation Division)
Moriya City Office
Let us know your:
– Name
– Address
– Nationality

– Telephone number

Special Project

JICA Guests

(A cultural exchange festival held every September)

Laos Project ( Under the JICA Partnership Program )

Education program for high school teachers and
local government workers from Laos

You are welcome ANYTIME!

If you would like to receive information or supporting services,
or take part in our activities, please contact the below.

Membership fee is 1,000 Yen per person / Year.

Responsible for MIFA(Moriya City International Friendship Association) in Shimin Kyoudou Suishinka (Citizen Cooperation Division)
Moriya City Office

Address: 950-1 Ohgashiwa , Moriya City,
Ibaraki Prefecture, 302-0121

  Telephone: 0297-45-1111
  Fax: 0297-45-6526
  E-mail: contact@mifa.info